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As we go through fall and towards the icy months, here are some of the best coats from Black designers and Black-owned shops in Atlanta.
In metro Atlanta and surrounding areas, Black-owned tech companies abound. Many are youth-focused and have opportunities for all children, regardless of skill level. Recognizing that tech is a growing industry, these companies want to create a pipeline for Black children who may or may not have considered tech as a career. STEM...
Welcome to Sublime Doughnuts, where everything is definitely not what it seems. This 24-hour donut dining definitely piques the interest of the entire city of Atlanta. Founder and CEO Kamal Grant brought his love for baking to create a breathtaking experience for anyone who walks into the shop. “I realized at...
Recent Intuit Quickbooks Business Health Survey findings do not paint a bright picture for Black businesses dealing with healthcare issues.  One of the starkest findings was that more than one in three Black business owners doubt that they will be able to pay off their healthcare debt during their...
Multicultural toy company, Orijin Bees, announced today that they launched their Baby Bee Doll Collection on Target online on October 5th, showcasing not only the variety of beautiful skin tones we have in our Black and Brown skin but also the array of curly hair patterns. The company striving to improve...
African American culture has a rich history when it comes to spirits ­— and we’re speaking about alcohol here. From the until recently untold story of Uncle Nearest, the man who taught Jack Daniel how to distill whiskey, to Saint Liberty Whiskey that celebrates African American Bertie (Berdie) Brown,...
Photo by erik reardon on Unsplash While the hashtag #SupportBlackBusinesses has recently taken storm in some corners of Twitter and Instagram, this call to action isn't new. Black economic power is deeply rooted in our history, so much so that it’s the fourth principle of the Afrocentric celebration Kwanzaa. Ujamaa, also...

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