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This Week’s Artist of the week is a storyteller, championing the power of cultural diversity to create visual narratives that are both relatable and refreshing.  View this post on Instagram A...
Meet Basil Watson our #ArtistOfTheWeek. As an artist and sculptor, Watson looks at art as “the harmonious expression of one’s vision of life.” Watson has made many appearances, including at the 2004 China Changchun Sculpture Symposium, 2010 Festival of international Sculpture in Guatemala, and 2017 Sculpture at the River...
This week’s #ArtistOfTheWeek goes to Jamaal Barber, @jbarberstudio. An artist and printmaker exploring Black identity, Barber’s primary medium is printmaking. His wood cuts and mixed media prints have been featured in many local Atlanta shows, including the Decatur Arts Festival, Atlanta Print Biennial Show and more. He’s also done...
This week's #ArtistOfTheWeek is Angela Davis Johnson Fine Art. Per her biography, she is inspired by the matriarchs of her family and “creates paintings, sculptures, installations and ritual performances to examine and archive the technologies of black folks.” Her process is what she calls Live Dreaming which entails deep...

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