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ChoCho Chen the Fashion House has launched their summer swimsuit collection. The bright and bold designs bring artistry to the body. Stephanie-Blair Watts founder and designer of ChoCho Chen says, “the artwork is the main focus.”

ChoCho Chen offers three collections for the swimsuit line. She created the Butterfly Effect, a black and white design with curves, flows and moving lines. For those who want color she created a floral abstract design for a one and two piece. The Kenya design offers bold lines complemented with scarlet and white accents.

Watts is free in her creative process, she says, “I take the pen and let my hand move. It’s a centering process and an indicator of how I feel.” 

ChoCho Chen offers home decor and fashions including t-shirts, shorts, socks, masks, swimwear, leggings, sweat pants, throws, pillows, shower curtains, bathroom mats, travel bags, hoodies, sweat pants, coffee mugs and soon to be more. She says, “I want to communicate my designs on as many things through as many mediums.” 

Stephanie-Blair Watts

Born and raised in Detroit, Watts fell in love with art at a young age. Growing up, schooling and sports had her focus until she came back to Detroit after graduating from Coppin State University with a degree in Marketing. She hit the ground running and began styling people she met on the street for photoshoots. She created a lookbook titled Rock City Lookbook that had a yearly print copy. Watts also began practicing her skills in drawing, painting, photography, graphic designs, video editing, art curating and more.

Watts hand picks each fabric in her collections and ChoCho Chen carries sizes extra small through 3X. Soon she will offer plus sized items.

Each collection is unisex as she wanted to create things for both men and women to see themselves in. She says, “ChoCho Chen is a way for my artwork to be displayed on fabric. With each product it’s a way to view art in many ways.”

Watts is planning an art showcase for the Winter 2021 featuring her existing and new collections. The show will feature home decor layouts and will style fashions how she imagines them to be worn. 

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