Tila Studios is a community working space for Black women artists in the heart of South Atlanta. This space is a hub for all things art where women of color can freely express themselves and get the exposure they need.

In 2019, Tila Studios created a satellite location called the Goat Farm, located in Midtown, Atlanta. This space is home to artists, business creators, artisans, welders, and markers for all women of color. The Goat Farm is similar to what the average person would call a “New York loft with a chic atmosphere.”

According to Tila, it is an all-inclusive, convenient, safe space to collaborate and work amongst like-minded individuals. 

The studio is now operating through satellite locations and partnerships around Atlanta that are well-known to the artists and the public. Partnering with the Spelman College Museum of Fine Art, attending gallery runs and artist talks, hosting monthly critiques at the Movement Lab, and more things coming on the horizon. 

The founder of Tila Studios, Tiffany LaTrice — responsible for creating this artistic heaven for Black women — is also proud of her #Above4 campaign under the studio.


According to LaTrice, only four percent of art across museums and galleries are from Black women. The campaign’s mission is to increase awareness and interest around the participation of Black women in the fine arts industry.

The campaign is funded by the studio’s Garden Fellowship which supports five Georgia-based artists with the opportunity to participate in Miami Art Week in Florida. The Garden Fellowship, with all its members combined, generated over $20,000 in the sale of artworks at the Prizm Art Fair in 2019. 

Tila Studios is the best place to be for Black women artists. It’s a hub for creativity and critique. Most of all, it is a space for women to be a part of an artistic family with all of the love and support they need to be seen and finally heard by not only their home of Atlanta but the world.

For more information on Tila Studios and their foundation, visit their website at tilastudios.com

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