Debbi Snaxx is an award-winning tattoo artist, muralist, and illustrator. She focuses on urban-southern style creativity that clearly shows through her artwork. Debbi travels any chance she gets to mix different cultures with her style, and showcases it all over Atlanta. 

Debbi majored in art education at Georgia State University, then finished her studies at Full Sail University, majoring in digital art and design. In 2012, she began expanding her artistic creativity through tattooing and she entered into local art festivals around the city. While completing all of this, she launched her first public display of art, a mural, in 2016. Many companies have recognized her authentic talent such as Nike, Fortune 500, and Toyota, just to name a few. 

Debbi was presented the 2019 Clio Music Silver Award for her outstanding work on the “Motel 21 Activation” for record-breaking recording artist, and Atlanta native 21 Savage. Her murals, clean and precise tattooing, and her overall passion for her work make her impact on Atlanta more special than she ever imagined.


Visit her website and Instagram to learn more about Debbi Snax and to book with her for tattooing services.

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