Austin Blue is spreading his love and passion for art in the city of Atlanta. He attended the City College of San Francisco for Illusion and Photography before moving on to pursue his career in Atlanta. He started out as a self taught painter for three years, then moving on to become a sign painter for Trader Joe’s, his current profession. His work has been featured by Lyft, Forward Warrior, and Facet Gallery. 

Austin is a master of spray paints, acrylics, and oil paints. His works are filled with motifs of geometric shapes, color variations, gradients, and layers — all to depict an abstracted portrait of a subject. He tries to keep his work fresh by exploring new techniques and themes with each new painting. 

“My goal is to make an impact on others’ lives with my work while simultaneously learning and drawing inspiration from those that I meet along my journey. I want to inspire others to tap into their inner creativity,” Austin said.

You can check out his work and his exhibitions on his website:

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