Re-imagining Cannabis

Re-imaging Cannabis image from GAWCC

The Georgia World Cannabis Conference (GAWCC) was a breath of fresh air and opportunity in 2022. The focus for GAWCC was re-imagining Cannabis the cannabis industry for a better tomorrow. Leaders from across the country came together to reveal the 2022 annual theme: “reIMAGINE” and offer forecast on business success in the rapidly evolving landscape. 

Started in 2019, The Georgia World Cannabis Conference is one of the South’s leading cannabis conferences, with flagship conferences in Georgia, as well as North & South Carolina. The GAWCC has the experience for re-imaging cannabis, as many consider the organization a major authority on trends and insight, providing a platform for business intelligence and development. 

There was a nice selection of exhibits. One such exhibit was Platinum sponsor, Treevana. Nanojuana, a manufacture infused drinks that taste amazing in our opinion, sponsored lunch that afternoon.

With a nod to diversity and inclusion, there were black farmers participating, such as Native Black Farm from Birmingham AL.

It was great to see Minorities 4 Medical Marijuana, a national organization focused on providing advocacy, outreach, research and training as it relates to the business, social reform, public policy, and health /wellness in the cannabis industry.


There was something for everyone as the show covered every corner of the industry such as air ventilation, CBD products, etc… 

GAWCC offered great learning opportunities in the form of breakout sessions. There was many good topics of discussion from capital for cannabis, the importance of airflow in cannabis, Grow Gods Club NFT, diversity in business & supply. The emergence of cannabis & NFT was a specialized and community provoking discussion around cannabis cultivation & education. 

The future of cannabis appears bright. Thank you to GAWCC for hosting such a great event. Cannabis industry leaders and canna-curious individuals were able to network and connect in one area. I am looking forward to future conferences.

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