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The team at BLAC loves press-on nails. The versatility, colors, cost effectiveness and blissful convenience. The Do-It-Yourself beauty service has existed for decades, however, only in recent years has the industry catapulted into quite the phenomenon. Let’s reflect for a moment. The undurable, basic and limited-shaped press-ons of the 90s and early 2000s did not seem to stand a chance in the face of the traditional nail salon experience.  Droves of women — whether the standing appointment sisters or those who relied on the walk-in service to restore their cuticles at the drop of a dime — united on one front for the custom choices of airbrushed, rhinestoned, acrylic tips or classic polished perfection. 

With even more nail design and techniques offered today, much is still true of the onsite pampering offered on nearly every mile of cities and towns across the county. Yet, a change did come for the previously underwhelming press-on industry. At the onset of the pandemic, as everyone was mandated to stay home, nail salon clientele were hit with a new reality — nail shops closing; some ceasing business for good. 

While yearning for the unmatched euphoria of the in-house mani & pedi, nail connoisseurs simply had to adjust. In doing so, press-on businesses have reclaimed   glory in more ways, shapes and forms. Literally. Press-on companies now run the gamut of creativity, offering preset designs and options that are at your fingertips. 

It’s part of Black culture to fly while always effortlessly fly in style, head to toe. Nails remain signature to so many. In a feature written by Essence, The Industry that Black Women Built, Black Women spent over 400 million dollars on beauty products and experiences in 2017 alone. Following BLAC’s story on our love for press-ons with tips and tricks of the phenomenon as we highlighted the amount of money being invested into the industry, it’s in our truest fashion to share 15 Black-owned press-on nail companies doing their thing. As you prepare to explore and pull your cards out for purchase, know that this list is only a slight touch on the many brands carving their unique pathway in the press-on leagues. Check them out below and feel free to share any other brands that are not mentioned. There’s nothing like having options.


Nailed by Ren

Precious Kreation

Love Dee Nails

Pretty n Pressed Lounge

Nail Candy Press-ons

Ethereally Touched Nails

Slayed by Amya

The Sassy Nails Studio

Glam Nailz

Complimente Nails

Leluxx Beauty

Polished by Pretti

Pressed by Ci

Nail Treats by Ciara

You’ve Been Jeweled

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