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As the spirits industry has grown, it has become increasingly important to support and promote Black-owned businesses in the field. Black-owned spirits companies have been historically underrepresented, despite the fact that Black folks have been integral to the creation and development of many of the spirits we enjoy today. 

There is a growing number of Black-owned spirits brands. Here are a few of our favorites:


Black-Owned Gin Brand

Founded by rapper Snoop Dogg, Indoggo is a unique, seven-botanical gin infused with natural fruit flavors. Unlike most gins on the market, Indigo has no gluten and calories due to its use of all-natural ingredients

InGenious Gin 

InGenious Gin was created by three Navy Veterans who used their worldly knowledge of spirits to craft a brand. After deciding that none of the gins on the market truly met their standards, they went on to produce “an intelligent spin”—or unique take—on this classic spirit


InGenious is made with lavender, hibiscus and juniper — other ingredients used in the brand’s “masterful blend of botanicals” are kept a cool secret.

Cabby’s Gin

Cabby’s is considered London’s first white rum distillery, and their Gin is no different. This smooth favorite should be on your list of must-try drinks if you’re not already a Gin drinker—we suggest trying a Classic Gin Fizz for an extra fruity twist! Flavour profile: Fresh citrus base balanced with Juniper and a floral finish encompassing a complex, yet delicate blend of hints of late summer lavender and rosemary, and exotic spices of cardamom, pimento and fresh dill.

Bayab Gin 

Bayab Gin was created after its founders, Chris Frederick and Damola Timeyin, who noticed a lack of diverse representation in the spirits industry. With a focus of sharing the many flavors and cultures of Africa with the world, Spearhead Spirits launched Bayab Gin and Vusa Vodka.

Du Nord Prominence Gin

Du Nord Prominence Gin is a Black-Owned Gin brand made with juniper, orange, lemon and a number of other botanicals for an elegant gin profile. Du Nord Social Spirits. America’s first legal black-owned distillery, was founded by Chris Montana and his wife Shanelle.

HH Bespoke Gin

With distinctive floral and fruity notes, HH Bespoke Gin is made using juniper, lavender, rose hip fruit pulp, cranberry and beach plum.HH Bespoke Gin is made by Harlem Haberdashery, a family-run fashion boutique that pays homage to the rich history of Harlem. .

Tom Bullock’s 

Alan Henderson, a former NBA player, founded the Tom Bullock Gin brand in 2021. Inspired by 19th-century bartender Thomas Boulot (who was black), the gin is known for its high quality and unique flavor.

Gologo Spirits

Gologo Spirits is a South African Black-Owned Gin brand start-up distillery that produces gin. They have two gins, Queen Nandi Pink Gin, and Zulu Dry Gin. The brand’s name is taken from the Nguni word for distilled beverages, ugologo.


All of these Black-Owned Gin brands offer unique flavors and blends that are sure to impress any gin enthusiast. By supporting black-owned gin brands, we can help to promote diversity and inclusivity in the spirits industry, while also enjoying thoughtful and unique spirits. So, next time you’re looking to try a new gin, consider supporting a black-owned business and trying one of the amazing brands mentioned above. a black-owned business and trying one of these amazing brands.

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