The Parlor on Peters Street is a pre-prohibition cocktail experience. The bar is modeled after 19th century homes where people used to drink and chat after dinner — hoping to recreate that experience in the 21st century for their guests.

The Parlor is owned by Alphonzo Cross of the brand development company Quintessential. The bar’s delicious cocktail menu is conducted by Mike Jones who served for The Consulate. Meanwhile, the food is crafted by the amazing Q Matisse Myers who also serves as the executive chef at the Southern Gentleman. These trio helps put together the official menu of The Parlor. 

The Parlor is open from Wednesday to Saturday, opening bright and early at 7:00 a.m. They have their house-curated playlist constantly playing, and, some days, they have a live DJ mixing the tunes!

To learn more about The Parlor or to book a reservation, visit their website:

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