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Here at BLAC, we’re always looking for the latest in stylish and functional luxury handbags and travel accessories, from lightweight luggage to sleek african fabric. It’s often the smallest of details that make these luxury products stand out, especially the ones we trust to hold our most cherished items, beauty brands, and our technology devices.

And while the holidays are just around the corner, here’s a list of Black-founded and created luxury bag brands whose unique takes on design making us oh-so-excited to buy Black, whenever possible. Carrying a bag from a Black designer can feel like being a part of a secret society.

Telfar Global

Telfar Global has made strong impressions with its highly coveted, and hard to get, Shopping Bag. Affectionately known as the Bushwick Birkin, Telfar was founded in 2005 by Telfar Clemens, a queer Liberian-American designer who aimed to create a genderless bag for everyone. Seen on the arm of celebrities like Solange Knowles, Dua Lipa and Oprah, Telfar has catapulted to the forefront of Black luxury and helped redefine the term, centering access and celebration. 

Brandon Blackwood

Last fall, Kardashian posed on her Instagram with a neutral “End Systemic Racism” mini-tote, which had people talking not only about the message, but the designer.  Brandon Blackwood, a Black Brooklyn-based designer who once studied neuroscience, launched his line in 2015 with four bag designs, all named after his closest friends and family. 



Vavvoune is the brainchild of Haitian-born Bostonian Valerié Blaise. After getting interested in leatherwork, Blaise relocated to New York City to better learn and understand the craft. In 2015, Blaise purchased a sewing machine and stitched her first bag, the first step to launching her line. With Vavvoune, she aims to use “color, details and versatility” to modernize leather classics “through subtle but efficient femininity.”

Glam-Aholic Luxury Bags

A Detroit native, Mia launched the Glam-Aholic Lifestyle brand in 2010 as a fashion blog, before evolving into a travel and lifestyle brand. Today, Glam-Aholic Lifestyle luxury bags are some of the hottest travel amenities and available in Detroit this holiday season for in person purchase.

Tori Soudan Handbags

Today the Tori Soudan brand is about timeless sophistication and sexy, fearless style. Tori’s designs, which are handmade in Italy by master artisans, are also evocative of her love of art, photography, fashion, and exotic destinations, all of which translate into a heady dose of color, texture, wit, and directional detailing – be it architectural shapes or a provocative combination of unique skins and opulent fabrics.

House of Takura

House of Takura (aka H.O.T.) is a lifestyle brand focused on high-end and unique designs that tell a story of African traditions and Western influences. The name Takura is very near and dear. It is the name of the my son. Takura is Shona for “to grow” or “mature”. The attributes of a person named Takura include creative ability, ambition and high ideals.

Linell Ellis

Linell Ellis is an affordable luxury brand designed for the woman who believes that true luxury is found in life’s experiences. Out of Linell’s desire to combine her love of people with her happy memories and fondness for beautiful style, Linell Ellis and the signature Florence Novelty Print Envelope Clutch was born. 

Haus of Sy

Birthed in the middle of the pandemic, Haus of Sy has emerged as one of the bag brands to keep an eye out for. Suburban Detroiter Angel Reeves designed the vibrant circle shaped handbags and mini-totes after she lost her job as a licensed practical nurse during the COVID-19 pandemic. Reeves started the project to bring in extra income, juggling homeschooling her son while his father worked. Since launching the brand from her closet last November, Reeves has sold over 800 candy-colored, vegan leather bags. Her most recent drop sold out her inventory in less than 20 minutes.


Mifland Leather Goods is an American based mixed accessory goods company with a modern utilitarian approach. Through founder and brand director Tobi Egberongbe’s previous experiences and affinity to design, photography, architecture, contemporary furniture, a brand was created. Mifland was formed with these ideals and rhetoric in mind. All pieces are designed with form and function as the most important requirement. The collections are defined by Miflands signature architectural inspired bold design and attention to detail, with an emphasis on durability and an unique use of colors and heavyweight leather. The Mifland collections cover men’s and women’s  small and large accessories. Mifland is based within a studio warehouse building in Atlanta, Georgia

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