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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Sierra Allen

BLAC® Atlanta Artist of the Week: Jamaal Barber

This week’s #ArtistOfTheWeek goes to Jamaal Barber, @jbarberstudio. An artist and printmaker exploring Black identity, Barber’s primary medium is printmaking. His wood cuts and mixed media prints have been...

Celebrating the African Roots of Puerto Rico

Old San Juan. Via It’s no secret that African influence is everywhere. From cuisine to fashion, dance, art, music and more, our ancestors pretty much helped shape the world’s identity....

BLAC® Atlanta Artist of the Week: Angela Davis Johnson Fine Art

This week's #ArtistOfTheWeek is Angela Davis Johnson Fine Art. Per her biography, she is inspired by the matriarchs of her family and “creates paintings, sculptures, installations and ritual performances...

From ‘ghetto’ to ‘trendy’ in one pair of $1,200 pants

Via Balenciaga If you haven’t heard by now, Balenciaga recently released its new season of Trompe l'oeil track trousers, a $1,190 pair of pants that feature check boxer detail peeking...

Let The Church Say…Amen?

Photo by Avel Chucklanov As the granddaughter of four devout Christians, I know a thing or two about church. My brother and I lived in Ohio but spent summers in...

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