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Nadira Jamerson

Tammy Williams is Atlanta’s Newest TV and Film Superpower

Black Atlantians have long hailed their city as a trendsetter where dreams could come true for southern Black folk. Since the 1990s, Atlanta has become known for its ascension...

A Day in the Lives of Women at the Table

Despite limited access to equal opportunity, Black women have always gone above and beyond to establish themselves as pioneers across industries. From running for office to running businesses, Black...

Your Success May Be Different: An Intimate Conversation with Reec Swiney

Reec Swiney is a popular radio host in Atlanta who used his charismatic interviewing style to create a successful career for himself in publishing, acting, entertainment and entrepreneurship.  Reec is...

Get a Candid Look Into Faith, Family and Addiction in “CIGARETTE”

Singer and rapper Theory Martin X sets to premier his long-anticipated “CIGARETTE” on March 21, 2022. The music video chronicles Theory’s journey through grief, love and acceptance as he...

Black Women Are Royalty in Sweet’s Black Queen Mother Photo Series

On February 6, 2022, D.C. photographer Lauren A. Sweet began creating “Black Queen Mother,” a photography series that seeks to “depict the Black woman in her royal element …...

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