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For those of us that grew up with the expectation that we could reform this system of injustice, that perception has been shattered. You don’t build a house on sand and wonder why it shakes.

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Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Announces 2022/23 Season

The Grammy® Award-winning Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (ASO) makes history this fall when Nathalie Stutzmann becomes music director. As the fifth music director of the...

Trading Places Musical Set to Debut at The Alliance Theatre

If you're a fan of the classic 1983 film Trading Places, then you'll be thrilled to know that the Alliance Theatre is putting on...

Culture, Identity, and Hair: Understanding How Alopecia and Hair Loss Can Be an Emotional...

Will Smith’s reaction to Chris Rock’s untimely joke at the Oscars brought even more light to a condition that many people may not have...

BLAC® Atlanta Artist of the Week: Sheila Pree Bright

Our Artist of the Week, Sheila Pree Bright, has made her mark in the city. She is an award-winning photographer known for her works...

Detroit Stories Quarterly: Little Sister Rises Up

Written by Keith Owens, co-founder of Detroit Stories Quarterly You’re not supposed to go out on the Riverwalk at night which, of course, is why we...

Thank You to Everyone Fighting for Inclusive Environmental Justice

Today is Earth Day 2022! Let us reflect on how we all are treating our shared environment and to appreciate the resources that ensure...

10th & Piedmont is the Hottest Place for Midtown Brunch!

Bottomless mimosas? Chicken and waffles? If you love these combinations, this is the place for you! 10th & Piedmont is the ultimate restaurant and brunch...